Xbox One S Controller

Disassembly Study

A beautiful piece of hardware in my opinion. The material expresses quality and the feeling of the buttons is very good. There is much to learn from the choices they made on their buttons and the way they put this curved product together.

Unfortunately, Microsoft or a second hand buyer will notice that you tried to repair the product yourself, since the sticker breaks when you want to loosen the screw.

The controller uses both snapfits as screws for (dis)assembly. The screws are all hidden behind parts connected by snapfits. Quite a clean design as a result, but a more complicated disassembly process.

There seem to be three different materials in these buttons. Would the black and blue part be injection moulded separately and then used as insert when injecting the transparant material?

It is impressive to see how much spring action there is on the buttons, only from the flexible part.

The button traces on the pcb are closed when the flexible part of the button touches them.

This part probably breaks often. No connection to the pcb makes it an easy to repair part.

I always wondered what this part would look like. The button on the side pressed by a colinear movement seems to be a quite simple solution. You don't notice it being on the side when pressing.

Every button has it's own "side pin" layout. This way it is impossible to wrongly assembly the buttons. This works against interchanging buttons and wrong orientation of them.