Microsoft Lumia 950

Disassembly Study

By last phone. Highly beloved, but then a 40 centimeter drop affected the screens functioning. Now it is time to learn how this thing is put together. A repair would be too expensive, but as it seems, Microsoft tried its best to make it possible.

Not a lot of smartphones can be disassembled with screws. Glue seems to be the way to go these days. But the Lumia 950 uses 13 tiny torx screws.

Doesn't the inside look even better than the outside?

The Lumia 950 uses quite some connectors that don't need any type of cable. Here springs are used as connector.

I thought wrongly that most aesthetics would be derived from the material itself, but just like the Nikon 1, some parts are spray painted.

Although that the spring action of these buttons is coming from the dome buttons on the pcb, the flexible materials make sure the buttons go back to their position (and make it more water resistant?).

The phone is easy to repair, since you can open it with a small torx head. The inside consists of a lot of modules, which are replacable. Unfortunately, a lot of adhesive tape is used to fix components to the body.